Clonable customized workspace types


@harutyun thanks for confirming that I should be using my c9 credentials. It worked when I didn’t use my email.

Funny though, there’s no plugins named cs50:

c9 list | grep cs50

Do you know how I can find more information about the plugin/customization referred to in this doc:


Plugin Username and Password

Hey @alininja,

Did you run the update50 command instructed in the ReadMe you linked?

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Hey @mikeumus, their IDE works fine. I’m just trying to figure out what feature/tool they are using within Cloud9’s ecosystem to allow them to have a clone-able, customized IDE.

Thanks for all of your suggestions!


I don’t know of a feature out-of-the-box that clones workspaces unless it’s a custom plugin. Your welcome. I’d ask someone from CS50 and then report back on how/if you do get it working as expected.

Best of luck @alininja :four_leaf_clover: :smiley: !


Creating new workspace types is not fully supported yet, since there is no automated process for deploying them to
But there is a way to test workspace types locally see and


@harutyun, let me see if I’m understanding correctly:

  1. I can develop a custom ide configuration locally
  2. And when I’m done, I’ll need to manually coordinate with staff to deploy them to

Am I understanding you correctly?



Though you can make a docker image for a workspace you would like to see and then submit a pull request with it. For more info, check out


basically yes.
Hopefully better support for custom ide types will come soon.


Wow thanks @bradydowling! That is an awesome feature :smile:

I want to give it a try, but what is the criteria for getting the pull request accepted? It seems like my customize workspace type is only specific to my use case. Will there eventually be a searchable gallery of everyone’s public workspace types? Mine customize workspace definitely would not fit along side the existing ones (HTML5, Ruby, Python, etc.)

Thanks for forwarding that link; a dockerfile is much more approachable than the customized config plugin thingy.

Thanks again!


@harutyun this seems promising!:

Thanks for all of your help! Happy Holidays!


In your case, you’re right a specialized workspace won’t get accepted. You could go with the approach Harutyun mentioned or you could make a bash script that will uninstall, install, and configure everything you want. Then you can just run that script each time you make a new workspace and then you’ll be all set.


Hi, @mikeumus,

Can you explain me how to run the update50 command?


Workspace cloning is now available in the wild. You may clone a workspace from your dashboard by clicking the Clone button.

Any further discussion should take place in a separate topic.

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