Cleanup Ruby/Rails diskspace?



Is there a useful guide for how to clean-up space in a Ruby-on-Rails workspace? I’m learning Ruby-on-Rails but don’t yet have a feel for what files are ‘temporary, but sometimes left lying around and can be deleted’ and which are ‘generated and must be there’ or ‘will be recreated as soon as you restart your server’.


Temporary files generated when using Rails are usually located in /public/tmp or /tmp from within your Rails application’s directory.

Other than that, there’s really not much else to clean. Except probably for the /test directory if you are going to use another testing framework (such as RSpec).


Thanks - off to see what I can delete. BTW, I did notice that I managed to end up with multiple copies of various gems. I had to update Rails at one point as it was an old version and a couple of gems that I needed required a newer version. Deleting the old gems gave me some space back.