Choosing workspace template for command line interface practice


Hi there,

I’m currently trying to learn how to use the command line interface more effectively the information I’ve been given is to use Cloud 9 to create a virtual server/workspace. Additionally, they are using mainly linux command line as their mode of teaching. I was wondering if there was a specific workspace that I should create from the selection given by the free cloud 9 account or if any would be applicable.



Any workspace type should be sufficient. Certain workspace types come preinstalled with certain packages, for example the Node.js workspace comes with some boilerplate files in the workspace directory and Node.js installed, while the Ruby on Rails workspace would have Ruby and Rails installed.

For your purpose, it sounds like you can choose any old workspace template and it will work fine :+1:


Thanks brady :slight_smile:

With some help from a friend I was able to find that out but I appreciate your corroboration on the topic.

All the best