Check50 command not found in terminal


I am a new user and I am trying to use check50 for the first time.

check50 2015.fall.pset1.hello hello.c
returns “bash: check50: command not found”

Do I need to include a library or some type of link to get this to work?



On cs50 workspaces check50 should be at /usr/bin/check50, it doesn’t exist on other workspace types


I thought I was in a CS50 workspace, how can I confirm that is the case (there are a lot of files in /usr/bin don’t see “check50” there. Thank you again.


Is there cs50 ide menu on the top left? If yes, tell us the workspace name and we’ll investigate why it doesn’t work.


there is a menu on the top left. Where do I go to find the workspace name?