Cheaper pricing plan



Hey i’ve recently started playing with cloud 9 and i must admit that there is a lot of potential in your offer but i do have some issues with the pricing.

  • The step from 0 to 20 is large, i’ve played with the free mode and i like it, for simple things seems easy and fast but as soon as i load the bigger project the VM got realy slow so i cant realy tell if this is going to be good as my daily driver
  • The offer of unlimited workspaces is not so great, i’d much reather have 5 good then unlimited number of weak VMs
  • Paying full price for something that i dont know how much i will use is an issue, i’d reather pay 3$ for one then 20 for unlimited
  • I’m paying 20$ only for online deving, a lot of times i’m in an area where internet connection is not that great(coffee shop…) or there is none(planes, buses, trains…), and i see this as the bigges hurdle since there is no way this solution can offer offline support that means that i still have to have offline setup and also pay 20 for this.

Sorry for criticising this much but i do this because i realy like your product, i just belive that you are now targeting people with very specific needs(unlimited workspaces…) and 20$ is a good price for them but for a lot of people this is a lot of money. As a node.js developer i have all the stack you are providing with vagrant, atom, docker for free so a 20$ is a bit steep

Student pricing

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve specific the previous thread as student pricing and broken this out into another thread.


Just wanted to keep you posted here that last week we experimented with a new $9 plan. This should be a good middle ground for you :wink: Have a look at what exactly is offered on our Pricing Page.


Where is this $9 plan at? i do not see it on the pricing page.


I’ve updated my previous post to provide clarity but that plan was an experiment to see if it benefited users. At Cloud9 we make data driven decisions so we’re analyzing the results as they materialize. Watch this thread for any further announcements.


ok thanks, really hoping and looking forward to that! im in 8th grade and dont really have any money so i can not really do $20/month. I would be able to benefit from a premium account at $9/mo even if it had the same ammount of ram. i need more disk space and a hot workspace.


This is good feedback, thank you. We’re also hard at work on education plans, which would be a different beast but might fit the bill for you. There will surely be announcements anytime we finalize changes :wink:


Oh that sounds great! would love to expand my knowledge. I only really know HTML, Javascript, CSS, and am currently learning PHP. That sounds great though, i will definitely keep my eyes on these things!


I would also really like a slightly cheaper plan. With maybe 1 hot workspace. The $20/month is just way too steep.


Any word on this? I would love to have access to more SSH workspaces, but it’s difficult to do $20/month as a student.


Any updates to pricing plans will be on Right now, you’ll see that we have a classroom/education plan but keep an eye on that page if you’re looking for any updates.


+1 for a cheaper plan,
The amount i would use just isn’t worth $20 for me, i would only need 1 hot workspace at a time generally (if it all), although a few private workspaces would be nice, just doesn’t quite make sense for me at that price.

in conclusion i think a $5 - $10 plan would be beneficial to a lot of people.


any movement on this? I’d still prefer a more restricted offer at a lower cost ($10/mo)…


Yes please. There needs to be a cheaper plan. I am a student who cannot afford $200+ just on a IDE.


+1, I’m also looking forward to a <=$10 individual account.


+1 for me too. I can’t remind how many times I decided to pay for Cloud9 to get more ssh workspaces (I don’t use the Cloud9 hosting features) then to be reminded that it costs 20 USD per month. 240 USD per year start to be a bit steep for a sole trader, it is more expensive than PHPStorm (which is really the big competitor for me, if only PHPStorm SSH feature was not so terribly slow…). So I don’t know many people are in my case in your total addressable market but just adding to the topic :slight_smile:


+1 for me too. I’m a working parent with two teenagers working towards exams and Uni and I’m learning Rails and creating a vanity project. On a good week I can spare maybe 3 hours to work on it but there are many weeks where nothing happens. My project doesn’t feel that large but it’s edging towards the limit of the free VM and the step to a paid account is significant for the amount of work that I’m often not doing :-(.


Data driven decision after a whole month? That’s great that you adjust your business strategy to data; but a month is not enough time to gather useful data on a monthly billing plan. I would have taken the $9 plan but wasn’t even aware it existed.

Frankly your plans don’t make sense to me. 0- $19/month jump? I don’t need 3 hot instances nor do I need unlimited ones (which let’s be honest - there’s no unlimited in practice - I’m sure if I spun up a few thousand you’d politely email me about it).

How about more realistic pricing and not assuming your customers are fools? I’m not sure your sales people realize your customer base is not representative of the general population, but rather is quite skewed. FWIW, your pacing on this isn’t making me ‘wait patiently’, it’s making me move off of what otherwise is technically an excellent platform.