Charged $1 after signing up for free account


Hi, as you can see from the title , when I signed up for free account you requested credit card info and you said you will not take any money , after putting my cc info I got a message from my bank that cloud 9 took $1 from my account , don’t get me wrong it’s not about the $1 :smiley: , if you will charge $1 on signing up at least you can write that while the user sign up , so no one get confused.


Hi mas,

The $1 charge is a standard verification procedure for most online services (Airbnb, Applie) and it is performed by third-party payment processors rather than the service itself. The charge gets automatically removed once the credit card verification is completed by the bank. So in fact, we do not charge you $1 on signup.

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Is this mentioned in the sign up procedure? If not, it should be.


So does that mean that I will get my $1 back :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I don’t think that its mentioned :confused:



I can understand how this can be confusing. However, please note that there is a difference between us charging for something, and a charge being levied as part of the verification process.

To elaborate further, this is an excerpt from Stripe:

When storing customer details or using Checkout to collect payment data, we send over a request to the issuing bank for either a $0 or a $1 authorization to verify that the card is issued and the bank will allow it to be authorized. Regardless of whether or not the authorization is declined, we reverse our authorization request immediately. However, even if the bank declines the authorization, some people may still see an authorization for $1 on their credit card statement. The important thing to remember is that this is not a charge, and it will disappear from their statement; depending on the bank, it will be removed from their statement in anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.

Please note that the above is standard procedure for any verification process and Cloud9 is not doing something different, which is why we don’t state this on the sign up page. We’re just asking our payment processor to verify that your card is valid, and this is, unfortunately, the only way to actually test your card.

To clarify:

  • Cloud9 does not charge $1 on sign up
  • Cloud9 is not doing the payment processing, instead we use a PCI compliant payment processor to handle the verification process
  • The payment processor uses a temporary $1 (or in some cases $0) charge to verify a card as being valid
  • The payment isn’t actually deducted from the customer, it just shows up for some cards in their statements, however as mentioned in the linked document, the payment is reversed as soon as the verification is complete (even in the case of rejection).

I hope this clarifies any questions, or doubts you may have. For more information about this, you can get in touch with your bank, or credit card provider.

If you believe that your card was charged wrongly, or the payment wasn’t reversed, please let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it.



Charged $1 to my credit Card