Changing the file tree / workspace directory



I’ve connected from cloud9 to an SSH workspace on a Digital Ocean server. It has set by default the directory to the /root directory as normal. IS there anyway I can change this so that the file tree is reading from my application in /var/www/

I’m struggling to find a way to do this, so I’m not sure if it’s even possible.



from dashboard click on workspace tile to open workspace options page, click on gear icon, and modify the Initial path field


Hi @harutyun ,

Probably a silly question but I can not fine the Initial path field using your directions ;(

I captured the images to show what I am doing but new users can only post one image grr… so copy/paste snapshots into a single snapshot (so a little fuzzy) but think you will get the idea.

I go to my Dashboard, click on the workspace tile, click on the gear - sadly no Initial path field.

Hmmm… What am I doing wrong?

TIA! - PotOfCoffee2Go


initial path is only for ssh workspaces


I was kinda wondering about that - since would be more applicable to SSH since there would be sub-directories containing the projects - thanks for the quick reply, appreciated!