Changing SSH workspace's IP address is delayed


Hi, I am using an SSH workspace with a cloud VM that I don’t leave running all the time, so it gets a different public IP every time I run it. As a result, I need to change my C9 workspace’s SSH settings to reflect the new IP. Lately it has taken at least couple minutes to reflect the new IP address after I make a change, and in the meantime the workspace tries to connect to the old IP if I open it. It’s as if the setting for SSH IP address is eventually consistent. Is there a way to speed up the use of the new SSH IP address in the C9 workspace settings?


Hi Ted, Thanks a lot for the message! When connecting to a new instance, IP changes should not have any delay. I have filed a ticket with one of our teams to confirm this though. Thanks a lot for reporting!


Hi, I think I realized what was happening. On the project settings page there are two green Save buttons. I thought they were equivalent due to how the UI is presented. However it seems one saves the Description field and the one below saves the SSH data. Previously I would try one save button, see it didn’t work, then try the other.

I think it wouls be helpful if you could make the two sections more firmly delineated, or make one save button for the whole page.


Hi Ted,

one thing we noticed is that if you change the SSH settings while the IDE is open in the browser, the IDE will not update. This will be fixed in the next release.