Changing location of server?


Is it currently possible to change the location of the server that the workspace is running on? C9’s status page shows they have servers in Asia Pacific, and from Australia it’s very laggy using the terminal which is seemingly hosted in EU/NA.

Changing Server location per workspace

I’m in the same situation. I’ve just moved to Japan from Hungary and the server is pretty laggy now.

Have you received any response?


I also need this feature:

  • My client has the master account and he is in Italy
  • I live in China
  • The workspace is shared by my client to my account

If I create a machine using my account is fast enough but the shared one is laggy


Sorry for the late reply, didn’t see this message before.

@ruscur If you made your workspace while being in Australia or last used in in Australia it’ll be on our Asian datacenter, which is in Taiwan. I’m in Brisbane on 100/40 NBN and latency from here to Taiwan is dismal (not just our servers in Taiwan, but any other various ones, even somewhere closer like Singapore is still pretty slow). Until Cloud9 has servers in Australia itself it will not be lightning fast here like it is when in Europe, US or near Taiwan.

@wooh Your workspace should move when you’re next offline. If you were in Japan your workspace would have been on our Asian servers, and once you access it from Hungary it will flag it to be moved, and will move it the next time you log in. If you’re still experiencing a slow workspace please send us a message to and we’ll try to resolve it.

@postadelmaga This one is trickier, currently we move a workspace when the owner accesses it from somewhere else. We have no short term plans to change this, but I’ll log it as a ticket internally so we can try and do it in the future.


On the base of the information shared by you, I opened my workspace with my client credential
and restarted the workspace in order to reset the location.

… so far nothing has changed.

I executed this command in the workspace bash
it shows my workspace run on this IP has address 104.199.21.xx

Actually that IP is located in USA, neither me or my client are located in USA ( me in China my client in Italy )

Is there any other way to force the workspace location to change ?
Maybe you can check if something is wrong in my account ?

I think having the possibilty to switch server is a must have functionality ( at least on paid account), if the editor lags it is not possible to work using C9 in a productive way.


We use GCE for hosting the platform, all of their IPs show geo-location advice of being in the US sadly.

We have 7 IPs in that range you specified, 4 are in Asia, 3 are in Europe.

Can you send an email in regarding this to and we’ll try and get it sorted out for you?


ok thank you for making more clear.

One more question before contacting the support.

  • how can I check if the workspace server location ?


I would also like to put a ping in for this feature if it is not yet complete. I woke up a workspace I had not used for a few weeks, and it was auto moved to the EU datacenter that caused a 350ms latency to that server. Pretty unusable. I am not in the EU.

The only way I was able to get the same environment back to the U.S. was cloning the container a few times, and hoping it would drop onto the usw datacenter. Eventually it did.

I do not want to have to contact support to move these containers around.