Changing Cloud9 file environment settings for Ruby (tab of 2 spaces, ident logic, etc)



I’m just getting into using Cloud9 and currently can’t find where to automatically make all new .rb files that I make come with a tab space of 2 (instead of the default of 4). I know where to do this in the GUI in the bottom right of the file interface once a file is opened, but I want it changed by default for every new file I make.

I’m finding Cloud9’s identation and logic a little funky when trying to write code (Ruby mostly) within their workspace. Is there a best practice for doing this or some tool, plugin, applet, etc that I’m missing that would make this easier?

Feel free to tell me to f&$k off and just sling code in Sublime and copy and paste to Cloud9. Like I said, new to Cloud9. :smiley:


global indentation settings for project can be configured from project settings see screenshot bellow


Thank you very much friend! This did it!