Changes Panel not adding new files either automatically or manually



I enabled the experimental Changes Panel in Preferences -> Experimental -> Panels -> Changes Panel as suggested in this thread.

I can’t git add any files through the UI. I click the up/down arrows next to the Commit button and select “Add All” but nothing happens and none of my new files are added. The only way I’m able to git add any files is typing git add in the terminal (really trying to avoid that at first as I’m teaching kids). Otherwise, commit and push work as expected.

Changes Panel development status?

Did you find any solution to this? I was trying the same Experimental panel to checkin files to Github repo, however was unsuccessful, please let me know if you found ways to do this without writing commands on terminal.


No, unfortunately this experimental changes panel, while so valuable for our situation, has been left in a half-working state dormant for a while :(. I also inquired about the development status in another thread.