Changes Panel development status?



Curious what the status is of the experimental Changes Panel? I’ve written posts about it that go unanswered. The Changes Panel partially works, it’s just only partially implemented. Is this something that will be implemented or worked on? We want to add this to our curriculum and want to know if this is something Cloud9 is not even going to continue with.

Changes Panel not adding new files either automatically or manually

Yep the changes panel is something we’re still working on and would like to see it in full production as soon as the remaining bugs and glitches are ironed out. We like to keep new IDE features as experiments so users can start playing with them and giving us feedback if they want. And we don’t want to fully integrate them until they’re completely bug free to not tarnish the quality of our core product.

Sorry I haven’t seen any other posts about the changes panel. Did you post them to this community or somewhere else?


Thank you for responding Tim. I completely understand why it’s still experimental. It’s just that there’s been no progress on the basic idea of being able to git add untracked files for a long time. That has me worried that we’re teaching our students (kids) to use a tool that won’t exist and still requires typing in git add . at least in the terminal.

Here are a couple posts I made about this.


Curious @timjrobinson if there have been any updates on adding git add functionality to the experimental changes panel?


It’s been a year and 2 months… The changes panel still seems to be in the same state as it was the beginning of last year. Is git integration and the changes panel a dead feature?


Is plugin’s code open source?

I loved this feature, but it’s indeed incomplete. I can’t see any untracked file. I will leave it enabled. because of the nice diff feature. I will not use it completely for now, but I’m willing to contribute to its development if it’s open source.


It is open source and is available under MIT license.
The code is in c9/core
repository and there is a mirror at