Changes On Disk - Load File - Show Difference


It’s annoying when I open up an IDE and it asks me if I want to load changes from the disk.
The problem is that multiple times this has removed work I’ve done, so I’ve started removing the modal background, grabbing the source, and then running a diff on it when I click “Yes” to load from the disk/server(whichever it is) - I often find that after clicking yes I’ve lost work I’ve done. I imagine this is because my local cache/storage is newer but doesn’t match the server so then it ends up loading the server which wasn’t saved to from my local copy.

My proposal is to have a diff checker that shows you the difference between the files and at minimum asks you to choose which one you want - a fancier approach would be to have a merge/3 way diff and pull in changes from either the left/right and end with a final result - I’m sure this could be applicable if someone else was working on the server and your local code didn’t save so when you came back their code would be new and your code would be new so you’d want both files merged together.


Is this only happening when you first load the IDE or when you’re working too? The changes on disk prompt shouldn’t show unless you’re modifying files in the terminal or something else is changing them. Are you changing git branches or something that could be causing the files on disk to change?


It’s just me on the project, and I’m not using GIT or the console. All I could assume is that I didn’t explicitly save, left the page, and that there was some feature pulling in my local content which triggers the prompt asking if I want to load from disk.

There have been times that I’ll work from multiple computers like the office and work, or maybe I have multiple tabs open, but the last couple of times I’ve had this happen I opened up a new tab and it came up, so I’ve started being extra cautious now after loosing some work, I also now better understand that loading from disk means loading the server copy, rather than the local disk as I would have originally thought (if there was a cached copy on the local machine).


I’m also seeing this problem. I have an ssh workspace and 1 other person is working on the project with me. We don’t edit the files outside of c9. For instance this morning, I opened my workspace and had no files open. I opened one of my project files and it immediately popped up and said the file has changed on disk and would I like to reload it. I’m not sure how the editor could possibly get in this state, but I have also lost work as a result. Which is the newest copy, the one on disk or the one in-editor?


I also got the message “File has been changed on disk. Would you like to reload this file?” when I reopened my C9 workspace. What is the message box trying to say? The file has changed compared to when and what? The file in question had unsaved edits when the workspace was last closed. How do I know which version Cloud 9 thinks is more recent? As noted by @g5codyswartz, it sure would be handy to have a diff tool that allowed one to see the differences between what is in my editor and what is on disk. If nothing else, the message box should be more clear about what it means (if it indicated what it thinks is the newest copy).

I wasn’t modifying files in the terminal, changing git branches, etc. Nothing and no one else should be changing the file. I don’t use a different computer, although I may have used a different browser without modifying anything before reopening the workspace in the original browser.


I’m thinking that this is happening because I have multiple windows opened, for instance maybe one at home and one at work. If I haven’t touched the one at home, maybe it’s not getting the new updates, but sends out a save that then prompts the environment at work that it needs to reload although what it’s reloading is an older outdated revision from the remote system (home vs work)


This has happened to me. I can’t see the diff between the two files. I can’t close the pop-up, I simply must load one of the files. But which one? There’s no information from which to make an informed choice. Changed on disc, but I just opened the file, so aren’t I seeing what is current? Did it change a nanosecond ago?

One is forced to commit to some unknown file or another unknown file without information.

Please do add a diff checker or a timestap of the change or give some other information that would allow the user to make an informed decision.


There should be a merge button as well, I’ll investigate why it’s not showing. We just deployed a fix for that prompt showing often as mentioned in this thread: File on disk has changed annoying message


I just ended up in this thread because of the annoying issue still happening. I use Cloud9 at both home and work, and I’ve tried to get in the habit of making sure I save all files on my workspace before closing out of the Chrome tab at one location specifically because I know this issue exists, but every now and again I’ll miss a file. Sure enough, this morning, I loaded up Cloud9 on my work computer and lost a decent chunk of work on one file because I forgot to save a file last night and I apparently can’t figure out what version of the file Cloud9 is asking me I want to “reload”.

Has there been a fix for this yet, and I just didn’t see an option I’m supposed to enable somewhere, or did this get put on the backburner?


Here’s a video of this happening today and how much code would have been lost if I didn’t copy it by deleting the modal background and grabbing the code

In other news… I have cake!


Actually i sae this as headache . sublime , dreamweaver show same warnings. Now i tried to open the modified file. Behold lots of codes in my html file. iframe codes with hyperlinks… I dont know what to do