Changes keep reverting to older versions



I’m using cloud9 on two different computers: one at work, and one at home. The problem is that often my changes that I KNOW I’m not making keep reverting back to the older version - in particular when I change computers - even if I refresh the window. The problem with this is that I didn’t make those changes at all, so it doesn’t make sense why it’s happening.

For example, my index.html file came from a template site with sample cart code. I changed the cart code last week so it would dynamically show me the products in the cart’s local storage, but it keeps changing back!!! It’s becoming very difficult to know what changes are happening and why things aren’t working when changes I’m not making keep occurring.

How can I fix this? Am I doing something I’m not aware of that’s messing with my files?


No answers here, but I wanted to let you know that my group had the same problem. C9 is working on it, but can’t replicate the intermittent problem (at least in my case). Be sure to log it in the buggy forum!


Thanks for asking about this. This is indeed a known bug. Please see more info here about what causes it and how to avoid it: Code disappeared or lost.


So as long as I only use one of my computers to code, it won’t do this? (Not ideal)

Is having auto save on part of the problem or solution?

Is autosave defaulted to something?

File revision can be a real pain in the butt fix when you didn’t notice the problem right away and aren’t aware of which files may have been affected.



So as long as I only use one of my computers to code, it won’t do this? (Not ideal)

closing the ide before leaving the computer should be enough

Is having auto save on part of the problem or solution?

autosave can cause issues because it makes ide do more work, it is off by default.

That said, the behavior you describe is not normal, I myself use two computers, and often leave the same workspace open in multiple tabs, without encountering this issue,

Did you notice when exactly does the reverting happen?
when you leave file open on the first computer
edit it on second
switch to the first one
when editing it on the second one?

Could you add me ( to your workspace as a collaborator and tell me which files have been reverted, that would help me to debug the issue.


I stopped using two computers because the issue happened when switching
from one to the other (I probably left the window open). Haven’t had any
issues since using one at a time.



When you go to a new computer, go to File > Revert All to Saved.

It’s because if you have editors open on both computers, the editor’s contents don’t update if the file changes under it. So if you just simply start editing, the old editor contents gets saved, reverting bugs you’ve previously fixed.

This is a major oversight of Cloud9, which I just put in a Feature Request for: Auto Revert to Saved