Changes in price plans clarification



First of all, I think your recent changes to the pricing strategy is great! I was already paying $19 / month so this only adds value for me, I have a few questions that I would like to get clarification in though.

My new subscription plan says “Web IDE Individual$19.00 / monthly”, is this the plan being communicated in your recent blog posts? I don’t see that name being communicated anywhere. I only see you talking about “Premium users”, which is ambigious to me, since I don’t know what my old pricing plan was. I think it was “small” though (was paying $19/mo).

The subscription plan lists the included features:

  • ∞ community workspaces
  • ∞ private Cloud9 workspaces
  • workspace resizing
  • 3 Active workspaces

I read this as: “I can make unlimited number of public and private workspaces, which I can resize to my hearts content (with the limits being 10GB / 2.5GB RAM) for ALL workspaces, but I can only have three (included both private and public?) active workspaces at a time.”

What I don’t understand though is how the three active workspace rule is enforced?

  • Is it for both public and private workspaces?
  • Are all workspaces taken into account, or only workspaces that are private and/or have been resized?
  • What happends if I have three active workspaces and make a fourth? Does one of the others get put in sleepmode? If so, how is that workspace chosen? Or I simply can’t make more workspaces at that point?

Thanks in advance!



Thank you for writing in. The current ‘premium’ plan is called ‘individual’, but we intend to have more than one plan in the future, so ‘premium’ can be thought of any plan which is not the free plan.

Regarding questions about active workspaces, this should help: What are hot workspaces?