Change payment method


I have a an issue with my card and because of that this month payment for premium account was not realized.
My account downgraded to Free.
I want to upgrade it again and in order to do that I have to change my payment details to pay from another card.
But I can’t change payment details because service is unavailable now!
Please clarify when this service will be available or how I can solve this trouble another way.



You can get your subscription back to normal by the following steps:

  • Log in to Cloud9
  • Click on the ‘Upgrade’ button in the sidebar next to ‘Free’
  • Click on the plan you want to upgrade to
  • Select Yearly / Monthly payments (it is yearly by default)
  • You should see a button titled ‘Add new card’
    (if you can’t see the ‘Add new card’ button, please refresh the browser)
  • Add your new card information

Do let me know if you encounter any issues with this.



Thank you very much Mutahhir!
Everything is ok now!