Change email is impossible with GitHub login



I’ve created an account with GitHub but for me is now impossible change the email (that is wrong)…
Is impossible because ask me the password that i don’t know because I login to the account with GitHub.
And is impossible for me to change the password because the email is wrong.

Why the email is wrong? I have no idea on github the email is correct.
I don’t want delete the account to create another one.

Change email address

Hey @Mte90 :slightly_smiling:,

Sorry about that. I’ve been there before myself. You could maybe describe it as cyclic dependencies in UX. This is one for @mentioning the C9 Support crew if your still offline.



I can login but with the wrong email for me is impossible receive notifications and use that account.


I have similar problem with email change. In my case I have changed email address on github but c9 has old address so I can’t set my password.
Could you change my email to new from ?

There is also a bug with disconecting github account


The problem persist, for me is impossible to receive notification.


Any news for that? i cannot use cloud9…


This is an issue with our signup flow that we’re working on improving. For now, I’ve shared a Github repo with you to confirm account ownership. Please check your Github for further information.

If this happens to other users, please PM me and we can address this from there.

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