Certain files in folder show as empty and hide code somehow



Getting extremely frustrating error where code doesn’t show up, even though the file obviously has code in it that affects the program (ie in this case, my Rails project. I can tell there is code, because it manipulates the generated website.)

I notice that there is this horrible orange cursor that shows up, and says I’m changing my own document. Ya don’t say. See image: it says I myself am changing the file. This orange cursor shows in all the BAD files where nothing shows up. GOOD files don’t have this horrendous bug saying I am changing my own files.

Other file that has problem of showing as empty, even though the code that is there affects my program and there should be code. It simply doesn’t show up. AND ORANGE CURSOR OF DEATH is there too.

Same project, same window, NO ORANGE BUG hooray. Same Rails project.