Captcha question


Hello! I find some problems. When I sign in with github, it can’t sign in. And when I sign up, it need to input captcha. But I found that the captcha is not displayed, and the input box is not.


Can you provide some more details, please? What browser are you using? What do you mean with “it can’t sign in”? Do you see the Github sign in window? Do you just get re-routed to the homepage without being signed in?

I guess it could be a problem with either your cookie settings or ad blockers (if you have one).


I also meet this. The page said One last thing…
Apologize xxx,we need to make sure you’re not a robot :wink:

You did not complete the Captcha

But nowhere can find the captcha.
win7, XP Chrome, IE7or may IE8, iOS 9.3.2 Safari ,.
No one of it candisplay captcha.

And sign up with github itask me to create account.


I also meet this problem. Have you solved it?


it should show something like

if you do not see the checkbox, are there any errors in browser console?
Maybe one of extensions or cookie blocking rules blocks it.


I have same problem, have you fingered out how to fix it?