Can't upload file from workspace to FTP



I successfully connected my FTP to cloud9 (I made a wonderful dance of success when I realised it worked).

After looking at the How To it seems that I have to use this command line “$ put file_from_workspace_file.txt” to upload from the workspace to my FTP. When I use it I receive this error message: “No such file or directory”.

Do you have any idea where the problem could be?

I’m gonna keep looking for answer in this forum.



what path did you use instead of file_from_workspace_file.txt does that file exist?


The file exists in cloud9 and in my FTP. I use this command put /www/wp-content/themes/shindig/footer.php and every time is returns put: /www/wp-content/themes/shindig/footer.php: No such file or directory

Take note that the file footer.php already exists in the FTP. So what I’m trying to do is replace the old by the new one, that I edited in cloud9.

Should it be the exact same path between the FTP and cloud9 ? Is is a problem that the file already exists ?

EDIT: I found where the issue was. I removed the / before the command put www/wp-content/themes/shindig/footer.php

But now, the issue is that the file doesn’t seem to be replaced. I see the message 1981 bytes transferred, but the code inside the file (in the FTP) doesn’t change.