Can't update Golang


Hello, I’ve been trying to update Golang from it’s default version on the IDE (1.2.1) to the latest 1.5.3, I’ve been trying with this doc, however I does, nothing

If I run

sudo rm -rf /opt/go

The output is nonexistent, even following the entire doc, the version is still the same.

What could be the problem guys? and thanks for help!


I deleted the workspace and created a new one with exactly the same name and that workspace is using Go 1.5.3, I don’t know why it worked but hey! :smiley:


sudo rm -rf /opt/go will only delete the directory found in /opt/go and consequently delete the current version of Go.

For future reference, to install a newer version of go after having done that, you should get the new .tar file using wget and later untar it. Just like mentioned in the link you provided.