Can't sign up with Cloud9



For some reason I can’t sign up with Cloud9. I’ve put my email address in several times but have yet to receive and activation link. I’ve checked my spam folder an all. Am I doing something wrong?


Does it tell you that you’ve signed up successfully? If so, can you PM me your email address that you’re using to signup?

Other things to try:

  • Sign up with a different email address
  • Open your browser in incognito/private mode and sign up
  • Sign up from a different browser


Using a different browser worked! Thanks so much.


I tried from Safari, Chrome and Chrome Incognito - that last one got me furthest (an additional check to see if I was a robot or not) but still failed, with the same error message. In fact, it failed for 2 different e-mail addresses. Here is that error:

Last thing to try is a different CC…



OK - that worked. Seems like it needs to be an actual Credit card, not a Debit card… I am now successfully signed up!