Can't sign in to C9


Trying to sign in to C9 from Finland. Signing in with the correct password does nothing, but in the console there are three error messages:
– A POST call to 403 (Forbidden)
– A GET call to GET 401 (Unauthorized)
– Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (profile.js:862)

Using an incorrect password gives the “Incorrect password” message.


It seems that all the attempted logins were kind of successful after all despite the errors, as once I tried to open the dashboard directly it opened a-ok showing all workspaces. However, once I try to open any workspaces they don’t open correctly but are stuck in a loop with error messages in console:

LOGIN: API /user err Error: Login loop detected!(…) Reconnecting while already connected/connecting. Abort.reconnect @ Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)


Workspaces and login seems to be working again.


Exactly the same thing is happening to me.


I’m looking into this, not sure what’s going on yet, seems to be sporadic.


After 13:00PM Here, on Brazil (GMT -0:300) I am seeing a error, failed to fetch user profile (status: 401 data: {“message”:“Requires authentication”,“documentation_url”:“”})


Same problem here, Italy after 16 PM today


Same problem here too, worked fine all day but I can’t login at home (7.30 pm)


Same here! I also tried to set a new password, but the link was expired the minute it came.


I’m also locked out and got work to do. Worked for me earlier today.

I’m getting 401 on login screen.

When trying to recover a new password, it says that the activation link has expired.

I’m in Denmark


Same here! With login and reset the password. Russia


Same here! Can’t use GitHub login nor login password. Slovakia


Same problem (( But I desperately went further: I requested password reset. And no confirmation e-mail ((


And with login to community (problem had solved by login via GitHub account)


The same problem here? we reseted our password clean our laptops cashes, rebooted, still to reinstall the operating system :slight_smile:


I can’t sign in either. Has been like this all day. Completely work day lost…


We’ve identified the cause as our sessions database has gone out of sync between regions which is what’s causing the sporadic issues. We’re working on re-syncing it now. Please see for more information.


Thanks! Waiting for it to boot up!


The databases have resynced and everything should be working again. Thank you everyone for your patience. The cause appears to be a networking issue with our host and we’ll be following up with them to see what happened.


It is work! Thank you guys!