Can't push to Bitbucket



I am unable to push up to bitbucket from cloud9. Receive Permission Denied (publickey), fatal: could not read from remote depository. My SSH key is correct on both bitbucket and Cloud9 and bitbucket is activated on my Cloud9 account. I am able to push repository from local environment but not IDE. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I’m assuming you followed the steps for setting everything up faithfully. Once that’s done, are you able to clone a Bitbucket repo using an SSH URL?

Also, have you connected your Bitbucket account to Cloud9? That is an easy way of making sure SSH will work properly.


Yes, I have set everything up correctly as far as I can tell and my bitbucket account is connected to cloud 9. When I try to clone a bitbucket repo, I receive validation failed.


Have you checked if the bitbucket repo is added via git?
git remote -v
does it show the bitbucket repo?


Yes, it is listed along with my Heroku repo. I can push to Heroku but not to bitbucket though.


Okay, I resolved the issue. I did not, indeed, have cloud9 ssh added correctly to bitbucket. thanks for your comments.