Can't open, can't delete ancient Workspaces


I’ve been away for years…

Now when I login there are two workspaces that will not load, and since I can’t load them, I can’t delete them. Hints? Should I dump my account and start again?



You should be able to delete your workspaces from the dashboard. To do so, click on the workspace tile in the dashboard, then the gear icon. Scroll to the bottom, then click Delete Workspace, enter the name of the workspace, and hit Enter. Alternatively, if you can describe the problems you’re having with the workspaces, we might be able to fix them.


Same situation.
I can use workspaces as usual.Other workspaces are working fine.
But one specific workspace is not useless anymore.
and I want delete it.

when I click “open button” of specific workspace ,404 page turns out.
and if I click workspace title ,
404 page appears.

So,I can not do anything!
I want to delete this workspace.
How can I do it?

Any help would be appreciated!