Can't migrate or download: link results in a 404; workspace shows "download expired" in Dashboard


I’m trying to migrate a workspace to AWS but cannot, because the download link sent via email returns a 404 error when I click it.

When I return to the Workspace to check on its status, a message that the download has expired is displayed.

I’ve re-tried 3 times now and it results in the same outcome every time. I cannot migrate until this is resolved.



Hi surfimp!

Are you using workspace/IDE after you clicked Prepare?
This error means that after you clicked Prepare to Download/Migrate this workspace has been opened, and prepared archived expired because of this.



Thanks for the reply, I’ll see if that helps (I did in fact have the workspace open in a tab).

I didn’t see any mention of this requirement on the migration checklist page, other than the, in hindsight rather vague, “After you choose Archive , you can’t do anything with that workspace until Cloud9 finishes its work.”

Anyways, hopefully that does the trick. Thank you again for the help.