Can't log out when running ad blocker


analytics.js from is blocked both Ghostery and uBlock Origin and causes the following error when I try to logout:

Uncaught TypeError: is not a function


I had the same with adblock in chrome


I put c9 on my whitelist - I know, it’s not a solution to a technical problem, but I think it’s a fair trade to provide analytics for a service I use. You could consider the same.


Cloud9 never has ads and we do not plan to ever have ads so you can safely add it to your whitelist, as @b2m9 mentioned. (we have no control over what adblockers prevent but needless to say there’s no reason for them to prevent you from logging out)


Aspiring programmers who may have had ad blockers installed but wouldn’t know what to look for when hitting this issue are being sent here to use c9 as their programming environment.

This easily-fixable bug makes your app seem janky, hence the ticket.


Touché, thanks for persisting :clap: I’ve made an internal issue about this and I’ll let you know whenever we’ve addressed this.


Hi boz,

Did you have this issue when logging out directly from the IDE or your Cloud9 account in general? If this was in the IDE, this was already identified internally in our system and fixed several days ago.

Happy coding!



c9 account. I noticed it and created the ticket six days ago, so you probably fixed the same thing.