Can't log into phpPgMyAdmin interface


I did all, and all ok but,

I’m trying to conecto but it say that Idont have permission, i have to do something else?

Setting Up phpPgAdmin

@luisdesigner postgres doesn’t allow you not to have a password, so Cloud9 probably has one by default. Type \password postgres in the terminal (after sudo sudo -u postgres psql) so you can set one for yourself.


@jvzanatta I did that one more time but Ican´t connect. But I don´t havo problem when I connect from my application, from my application is all ok.

please help.


I’ve followed this set up but finally the page says: This web page is not accessible, ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED. Is there anything else what should I do?


Try this post


I’ve updated the post to reflect your other solution. I’m just about to test it out now to make sure it works. Can you confirm that what I’ve updated is correct?


thanks #victorh17,

that was the solution.


@bradydowling It’s correct


@bradydowling, please can you say us how to connect from pgadmin3.
thanks !!!.