Cant log into AWS with cloud 9 login info


I am on ch13 of Hartl’s rails tutorial and the final ex involves using AWS (Amazon web services) So i am trying to log in using my email from here. however i think i have logged in with my facebook information and not the email address. so how can i use AWS? apparently i have an AWS by signing up to cloud 9. please advise.


Cloud9 ( credentials are entirely independent from AWS credentials. By signing up for, you do not get an AWS account. What you’re probably referring to is the newly available AWS Cloud9, which is the new Cloud9 platform built on AWS. To use it, you must create an AWS account, and Cloud9 will be included in that account.


I’ve created a new AWS Cloud9 account and when I logged in, I was in but I cannot log into the regular Cloud9 site.


You can login to at Take a look at our announcement for more information.