Can't install GHC using Haskell Stack anymore. Also, can't install Idris



I cannot install any of my development tools due to a too-low CPU usage throttle. I’m trying to install GHC from the command line using this shell script I wrote, to which the equivalent hand-written commands I had been using before to install GHC on other workspaces with no trouble.

I suspect that the issue is due to the recent downscaling of free workspace resources, but until I can get my toolchain up and running I can’t use c9 at all and will have to find another online IDE to develop in, as Haskell and Idris are completely unavailable. This completely prevents me from being able to get any work done at all until I find an alternative; I’ll be checking this thread eagerly in hopes that something can be sorted out.


I do understand that you are on the free tier, but I had no issues installing the Haskell Stack on my premium account. I can understand that free is better than cheap, but you may want to consider a premium account.

Have you tried the standard Stack installer?