Can't have underscore in username?

#1 reads:
"Usernames must start with a letter, only lowercase letters and numbers are allowed, and cannot end with an underscore.

A username can contain letters, numbers and underscore. It cannot contain spaces, -, . and non-alphanumeric characters."

  1. ‘only lowercase letters and numbers are allowed’ conflicts with ‘can contain… underscore’

  2. When I type e.g. ‘happiest’, it’s green. When I type ‘happiest_’, it becomes orange/red. However, when I type e.g. ‘happiest_elephant’, it stays orange/red and refuses the username.

Please fix.


It makes sense to me. The first specifies that the username cannot end with an underscore, but the second clarifies that an underscore can be used anywhere else. I must say, those requirements are very weird, though, why can’t you end your username with an underscore?