Can't Ctrl-V inside a workspace



I am using a tablet with an external keyboard to code on c9 and I can’t paste code on a file inside c9 wrkspce.

It’s not a keyboard’s problem, it works on other apps.

Ctrl-C is working, I can paste new copied code on other apps, only Ctrl-V is not.
Also I can’t paste on terminals. I’ve tried different browsers and still can’t.

Yesterday it was working, please help.


Which tablet and which browser do you use? did you install any new browser extensions since the time it was working?


chrome for android and the tablet model does not matter. I have no extensions or somehing blocking on the browser. as i said it was working 2 days ago. but the paste also don’t work with hacker’s keyboard app (not a physical one) that also permits doing ctrl.V. also all the apps are updated to its latest version.


Ok, after updating the webview for android now it’s working.