"can't create socket" error: deleted /tmp* occasionally instead of /tmp/*


Hello everybody!

I occasionally deleted /tmp directory and now can’t open the terminal because it gets stuck with an error “can’t create socket”.

Is there a way to execute commands except terminal tab:
sudo mkdir -p /tmp
sudo chmod 777 /tmp

If not I kindly ask admin guys to help me with this problem.

Thank you!


You can run those commands yourself actually, no password required. Just open a terminal and fire away.


Yay, thanks for help, but I didn’t mention that I can’t open terminal because it gets stuck with this error.


I see. You could try restarting the workspace then.

I’d advise not to delete the /tmp directory but it’s contents instead or list the directory contents and delete the file causing the problem you were trying to remedy.


Thanks for the effort :relaxed: Unfortunately, a workspace restart does not recreate any folder structure on the file system. This problem was already discussed in this topic: Cloud9 terminal error: ‘can’t create socket’. I don’t know whether I can resolve this problem without help from admin guys.


Actually, the solution is here Terminal error: can't create socket :innocent: