Can't connect to Phppgadmin




I’m having a problem with making login on Phppgadmin. I’ve already tried to use as username my account name and “postgres”( because of this instructions) with password blank, but it gives this error Login disallowed for security reasons

My project: Php & Apache


me too.


Did you try setting a password for the postgres user? It may need one for phpPgAdmin to work.


Hi timjrobinson,

yes, first I did that, and then I try to conect whit the postgres user and the password.



1. Set a password for user ubuntu

 $ sudo sudo -u postgres psql
 postgres-# \password ubuntu
 Enter new password:

I did this because I accidentally tried this code below, missing one sudo. Then the console asked a password for user ubuntu

$ sudo -u postgres psql
[sudo] password for ubuntu:

2. Access Phppgadmin

url: http://<workspacename>-<username>

Login: ubuntu
password: (new password)

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