Can't complete payment to use C9


I’m trying to become a C9 user. Credit card information is now required to join. (I am assured it won’t be used unless I purchase something.) However, the page

will not accept my zip code, which is required information. So I can’t get past that screen and complete my membership. What do I do?


Try Using Yandex Virtual Credit Card You Must Be:
18 Years Old
Using A Real Name
Once You Register On Yandex Money You Will Get Your Virtual Credit Card
I Hope That Worked For You
There Is No Terms For This Method
But I Take No Responsability If Something Happend To You
For More Information Contact Me On My Email:


The problem is not the credit card ; I can enter the information with my credit card, ut the page will not let me enter my postal code. I click on the field and nothing happens.