Can't access Cloud9 workspace


Dear Cloud 9 community,

I recently run into a problem accessing cloud9 coding space. I use it as part of CS50 course. I click on the link and get to the drop down menu, where I choose edX, after that I am prompted to enter my e-mail and password and then I get into my personal page in Before it worked for me to access cloud9 workspace by clicking the cloud9 icon in the top left-hand corner, but now if I do that it takes me back to the edX dropdown menu, password page and back to the personal page. I basically cannot reach the coding environment at all and seem to be stuck in this loop. Would you be able to help me and advise if I am doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance !

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you need to click on green open icon on workspace tiles
The icon on the top always opened the page.


Thank you for the reply !

I tried the open button as well, but instead of opening a new tab with the coding window, it just reloads the personal page. It doesn’t take me to the cloud9 coding environment.

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That’s strange, could you show screenshots of what is happening? That may help us to better understand the issue.


Hi Harutyun,

Please, find attached.

I first click open, then I can briefly see and then it goes back to and reloads the page with open button.

I will load the images one by one, as I can only upload one per post.




could you try opening directly


Thank you, very much! I think it works now and the problem was around my cookies settings. When I reset my computer settings, it resolved the problem.

Thank you for all your help!