Can't Access Cloned Workspace (And original gone)



I just cloned my workspace and deleted the original. However, when I open the cloned workspace it is in a perpetual state of ‘loading’, I cannot download it. I tried to clone the cloned workspace but it says “Can’t clone workspaces in state 1”.

Is there any way I can (a) get the cloned workspace to work and access my files, (b) access the deleted workspace and files. Basically at the very least I am hoping to somehow get access to my .py files (otherwise weeks of work are lost *facepalm).

In the premise, thanks for your assistance.

Kind regards



When I try to restart the cloned workspace I get the following error:
Could not restart workspace
An error occurred restarting this workspace: Could not find container details for project"


Console shows these errors when I try to load the cloned workspace:


Any workspaces cloned between Monday and 4 PM PST won’t work and won’t recover–this was due to a regression on our side. The original workspace should recover…if you’re having issues with that, please reach out to Otherwise, I’d recommend deleting and recloning the new cloned workspace.