Can't access (Comcast)


Hello, I was in the middle of working in a workstation when the site 404’ed. I can’t access, ping or tracert fail. I can access the site vie LTE on my phone, not from my network. My ISP (comcast) told me to contact the site in question. Obviously no help. I can provide you any information you need.


Terminals are unresponsive

same issue here, I even restarted the modem and router, I am with Comcast as well.
I can access the site from my phone (AT&T).


I am having the same issue. Everything works on my phone with LTE


Well at least I’m not alone! :slight_smile:


Comcast basically told me the site has been blocked by the portal security…


Same problem here. No go on Comcast, but yes with AT&T and Google Fi.


Yeah Same Here…
On my computer it is not accessible (Comcast).
On my phone is accessible (Verizon).


Same with me…no way to get into cloud9 today.


Same (it’s Comcastic!). Just gave up and I’m burning some data on the hotspot.


same problem here. am able to access via my cellphone but not my comcast wifi


Same issue here…

anyone have any solutions in mind?

Time to cancel c9 if Comcast won’t play nice with them


Hi. After checking the status page, it says they’ve identified the problem and are implementing a solution.


This is the status page for me - still can’t connect.

Def something to do with c9 + comcast ISP. Comcast is prolly blocking one of the ports relied upon by c9


Still can’t access it with Comcast while their status page says working…


I just wrote cloud9 on twitter. Hopefully this gets resolved asap!


From the reports it sounds like Comcast has put some kind of block on our domain. We’re investigating. The status page updates were unrelated to this.

Please call Comcast and ask them about it and let us know if you have any more information, while we continue to investigate from our end.


FYI, is also unavailable.


I am also having the same issues.


im having the same problem


Yes, this. I can’t even get on from my home network :rage: