Can't Access Application


When I logged in to my ide for one of my projects this morning it told me that it was migrating my project.

I waited a bit while it did it’s thing and then once it was accessible I started things up as per normal.

It’s a python django project so I started up the postgres db and then hit the green Start button on the terminal as I always do.

Everything looks ok and I get the normal outputs:
The terminal says "Starting development server at"
And the normal green popup says “Your code is running at

But when I try to hit the URL I get the “No application seems to be running here!” message.

Help please.


Excuse my misdiagnosis in my previous post. This looks like your Django app might be crashing each time you run it. Perhaps there’s an issue in your configuration or in your code that is preventing Django from running? Check the terminal after you press the Run button and see the errors there.


Did you restore a backup?

It’s working fine now, but the changes I’ve made this morning have disappeared.


Which is not a big deal, as I had committed them to bitbucket.


I did not but thank you for reporting that. Can you look at this thread about lost and reverted code and let me know if it could be related to anything in there?


Nope I’m pretty sure I only have the ide open in one place.

It feels a lot like a revert/restore, if that’s not the case it really doesn’t make sense to me.

However upshot is things are working now, so I’m happy :smile: