Cannot Use Nano Editor since CTRL+W Closes Browser Tab


I’ve just started learning linux. As such, I have been using nano text editor since it has less complicated commands than vim.

In Cloud 9 however, I cannot use Nano since its Search command (CTRL+W) closes the browser tab instead.

I’ve searched the net and from this thread last year, it seems there’s no workaround to that yet.

The thread has mentioned a Cloud 9 browser extension but I can’t understand how it can solve the CTRL W problem.

Are there workarounds/solutions in either Cloud 9 or Nano so that I can still use both? Or will I be forced to another editor in Cloud 9?

Any chance to change ctrl + w browser behavior when we are in a terminal tab?

I’m not sure which extension it was mentioning, but it might be this one. I have tested it, and it’s possible to get the functionality you want. To do so, install the extension. Then, go to the workspace you are having the problems in. Then, go to your keybindings, search for “closepane” (without the quotes), double click on the current keys, and press Ctrl-Shift-W. Then, click away to confirm the keys, and go to your terminal. Now, in nano, you can use Ctrl+W to search.


That worked! Thanks a lot Danny! Now I love Cloud 9 again!