Cannot upgrade account or reach support


Comment I replied to:
Unable to upgrade to this plan on my account.
I keep getting the “This subscription is not the latest version” error message.

My PM to an employee(nikolai) then later a email to support:
Good Afternoon! I am also having this same exact issue. Would love to upgrade to the new plan y’all released. Also one other issue: I signed up for the $10 plan last week and decided it wasn’t going to work for me with the SSH workspaces so I canceled the plan. Instead of keeping my $10 plan until the end of the paid period it put me back to the free workspace. Can I get my plan upgraded to the new setup but also have the $10(or prorated amount from the cancel date) credit I already paid for that its not letting me use?

Would love to get this all figured out so I can load up more than one project.


Hi there, somehow the message didn’t reach me, your account is looking good now, replied via PM.