Cannot save png after cropping in built in image editor



I have a png in my project.

It opens fine in the built in image editor and im able to crop it.

Issue is when i click save in menu or closes image and select save in the “you wanna save?” dialog, nothing happens.

And file is not updated with the new crop i just applied.

( It doesn’t even close the open file pane, when i close file and select save in dialog.)

I can download the cropped image with chrome by right click -> save file.

This saved file is cropped, as is should be, and i can upload it, delete other file and then rename.

So everything actually works except saving the image directly.

Thought it was a permissions related thing, but permissions are the same as other files in same folder.

I can open edit and save text files - both php and css have been tested.

Any obvious reason for this behavior?

Just tried to use “save file as” in IDE. Same result - nothing is saved to disk.


Any big fat errors in your browser console when you click save?


Thank you for the reply.

No idea why i didn’t think of that.

Here is the error in the console:

It shows when i click the save button in the dialog that shows when you close a unsaved file.

If i edit the image and click save in menu, it gives a different error:

Any ideas or should i start digging?


Thanks for the detailed report!
We have found the cause of the issue and will fix it soon.


I’m having this same issue with all image types, do you have an eta to when this will be fixed?


I have also experience this issue, its been going on for at least a week since I last tried to use the image editor.
Besides this, Cloud9 has been an awesome IDE and I’m super glad that I can use it. Thanks for making such an amazingly integrated environment!