Cannot save files on workspace


Hi, I cannot save any files on my workspace. It is a PHP workspace, still has about 250MB free in the disk, CPU and RAM do not clutter much.

I have attached an image describing the issue. Since it is not comprehensive, I dont know how to fix it.

If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

Many thanks,



Hi Luan,

Thank you for writing in and sorry for the issues here. Can you tell me a few things:

  • Is the file being saved on your workspace, or to an (S)FTP mount?
  • Can you open the developer console and see if there’s an explanation of this particular error? (Please note that Cloud9 can be quite verbose in the error log, so only paste the part of the error that seems relevant to the error shown)
  • Does this happen with just this file, or others too?



i’m also getting the same problem… I uploaded my files from local pc… How can i solved it?


@rashedshaon could you please answer the questions from the second post, and tell us the url of your workspace.