Cannot run PHP cli script


I was trying to follow the instructions here: Writing a PHP App to create a php cli script and debug it. When I select “Run -> Run With -> PHP (cli)” it opens a terminal window at the bottom but never does anything. I doesn’t show any output and when debug is enabled it doesn’t stop at the breakpoint. If I type “php test.php” in a normal terminal window it runs just fine and outputs the “hello” message. Any ideas?


To answer my own question: It seems that debugging is just a bit flaky. I added the ?reset=1 to my url and it reset my whole workspace. Then debugging started working again. Seems to get confused when you start/stop/restart your runners with debugging on or off. Any suggestions to make debugging more reliable would be appreciated so that I don’t have to keep resetting my workspace and losing my custom user settings.

Cloud9 - PHP CLI Debugger