Cannot preview running application on AWS c9

Hi I have just started getting into web development recently. When I started up my rails server on AWS c9 then try to preview my running application for some reason the page will refuse to connect. Please help

Firstly your application is listening to internal only. The other issue is the AWS address redirection part that requires a route established for the application. Let me try and find the article to set that up

Here is how to properly configure your Apache Server : How to configure and run Apache server on AWS EC2 Cloud9?

Merci pour toutes ces informations.
Dans le cadre de ses “services managés”, AWS ne pourrait-il pas faire lui-même cette configuration de Apache pour en libérer les utilisateurs de Cloud9 qui ne sont pas venu là pour ça ?

Thank you for all those informations.
As part of its “managed services”, could not AWS do this Apache configuration itself to free Cloud9 users who did not come here for that?

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Yes, I totally agree, it’s a pity to have to configure Apache every time.
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Oui, je suis complètement d’accord, c’est dommage d’avoir à reconfigurer Apache à chaque fois.
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Thank you very much for your help