Cannot preview or see/use front-end


First thought was that there might be something wrong with the service… So I checked but everything looks good there right now.

So I tried restarting the the VM from the ide. Nope. The preview window and any browser trying to open the front-end hangs for a long while then displays the “Something went wrong !” page.

So… I’ve been here a while trying to change my connections, reboot etc…
Nothing works :frowning:
MRW I’m locked out of my code :cry:

C9 is :joy: so I have my hopes up.
thanks for anything you can help me do to get back to coding,


Hey @hadm :smile:

This just means your server may need some C9 specific tweaks before it can getting running in the workspace. What kind of server are you trying to run?
ie.: node.js, django, wordpress?