Cannot POST Search form



I made a simple form which submits data. It then goes to the search_results.php page. When ever I enter data into the search box it takes me to a page which says Cannot POST /bruce_wiseman/isdd_2/search_results.php

It is meant to just echo the data. I have
Name = _POST[“search”];
echo $Name;
on the search results page and I get that error.

I am a beginner, please make it simple to understand what I have to do.


Still needing help with this. I have no idea what to do and I need this to work for a school project.


I’ve ran into the same issue. Still unable to find any answers.


I ran into the same problem.

instead of opening the file with “live preview file” try openning with “preview running application”. worked for me.


I have the same issue with a form on my html page. Using the “preview running application” option leads to an error page saying “Oops no application seems to be running here”. Any help would be appreciated, sorry if the answer is obvious I am quite new to this.


Are you running a server on Preview Running Application defaults to whatever is running there.


when I run my php file on its own it says that it is “listening on” if that is what you mean.


oh I believe I may have misunderstood you, are you saying that in order for this to work I need to be running a server in that location? forgive me if I am not following properly.