Cannot open workspace, only spinning circle show up



I got a problem trying to open my workspace, and also my friend who have access to collaborate cannot open it.

Since the crash from the last days, its seem i got something corrupted in my cookie or somewhere else and after trying to delete my cookies i cannot access my workspace from Chrome and Firefox. I can with Edge but its not the best browser for C9.

Something i need to specifie, i have an old C9 account from a old project and i can open it, but not my actual project. So i think its since my attemp to open it when the C9 was down from the major crash.

Give me a hint to fix that issue if you have any idea.

Thx and long live to C9!


Could you please tell the url of the broken workspace?
Did you try to log out and log in again?


Yes i try several time to log out/in but without any result. My friend collaborator for this project have same issue with Chrome and FireFox. Like i say earlier, its seem to appear when i try to open when C9 was down from the last crash. I got the idea to try to open with Edge after a whole day when i see the status server was OK for several hours, and with Edge i was able to open the workspace. I try with Edge to restart the project from the right upper icon but that did not change the issue.


The vm is operational, so restarting won’t help.
Do you see any errors in chrome console when opening your project?
Did you try to clear cache by holding ctrl when clicking on reload button?


Thx for your help harutyun. I try the CTRL and refresh, did not work. I see an error in the Console.
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 ()

So its seem to be something saved in the Chrome browser that disable to load properly the workspace. Well, i dont know how i can fix that, deleting cookies dont seem to make anything.

If i find the solution i will post it here to help other with the same issue, if im not the only one with my friend collaborator.


try appending something to the url


Oh yeah, that make it open!

And that have fix also without the append to the url after the first attempt.

Thx alot, i really appreciate visiting my workspace with chrome.

harutyun for President! :smiley: