Cannot open workspace by unknown error


i cannot open my workspace by this error…c9 says every file cannot be openned wtf?


cannot download file… and upload is too slow…



Thank you for writing in. Can you tell me if you’re still experiencing this issue? If so, please write in to with your username and the workspace name so we can investigate.




project was opened but ‘object ProgressEvent’ occurs for some files… and connection for is too slow, frequently failed. even it’s hard to reach! i cannot logout from c9. other sites are all fine…

secondly, why does my python server shut off when i leave from c9? the account is paying for individual plan and shared with me


please tell us the url of the workspace where this happened, either here or at



Here too, since 2 hours. Unknown error: [object ProgressEvent] after endless loading.
None of my spaces on my premium account is working.