Cannot open files or new terminal window


I’ve opened up cloud9 half an hour ago, and still cannot open any file or a new terminal window. Logged out and restarted several times but the issue remains.


Can you tell us any errors in the DevTools console? Also, can you post some screenshots here? We’ll try to help ASAP


I am not sure what devtools console refers to. Cloud9 status report gives green flags all the way.



When trying to open new terminal either from the drop down menu or via ALT+T, nothing happens.


same goes when trying to open a file. Nothing happens.


DevTools = Developer Tools (Press Ctrl+Shift+I)
Then click on the console tab, and screenshot it



Interesting. Just a suggestion, it appears your Chrome is out of date, can you update and try again? I doubt it will change much but diagnosing errors on older browsers becomes a problem.


updated chrome and problem seems solved.

thank you


Great! Happy Coding!